Take out the trash

A computer that gets heavy usage is a magnet for junk files, which can build up over time and wreak havoc on your system. CleanCenter prides itself on keeping these files at bay so you don't run into trouble.

In spite of its narrow focus, this program quickly does its main job and offers a generous trial period. CleanCenter frees your PC of bloat by deleting any number of unnecessary junk files, including temporary files, backup files, and cookies.

Clicking the Filters button lets you exclude certain types of files from the scan, and you'll find a cookie manager. However, aside from features related to its main job, the program doesn't really offer any kind of extras. The interface is easy enough to understand but could be better-designed to save you a few clicks. For example, to scour your machine for junk files, you must first hit the Scan icon on the left, then go to the right-hand control panel to actually initiate the scan.

Still, it's nice that CleanCenter's demo will remove all needless files it finds and let you test it for a full 45 days. Any user who needs to free up hard-drive space should certainly at least give this utility a try.

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