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Keep your list of important notes where you can always reach it with NotesHolder's docking approach.

This basic reminder program forgoes the sticky-note motif in favor of a more consolidated approach. Rather than cluttering your display with tiny individual notes, NotesHolder provides one list, which docks as an unobtrusive vertical line on the right or left of your screen and pops out in response to a hovering cursor. You can add new notes and reminders in tabbed windows, labeling each window by category. The onetime or recurring alarms have gotten a makeover, popping up notifications with a quick beep or an audio file and launching another application at the specified time. Customization options are still slimmer than some competitors', but for the price, the attractive color schemes and font options are reasonable. The database of notes can also be accessed and exported in a text or Excel format. If you seek an efficient and easy-to-use reminder utility, add NotesHolder to your test list.

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