Fast and fun soccer

The players may not be pretty, but at least they have huge heads. Try a frenetic, vertical match of soccer between England of Argentina.

The whole point of Sensible Soccer is to simplify the controls yet retain the complexity of prettier soccer games, and the 2006 version continues the tradition. The gameplay borders on frenetic, and three main buttons control most of the action. A small investment learning how to play will lead to unlimited 10-minute games of soccer between Argentina and England.

Unlike other popular soccer games, there aren't any one-button fakes or fancy step-over moves. Instead, the players are completely controlled by the directional keys or joystick plus a "Sprint" button that uses a limited amount of boostable energy. The cartoon kitsch might have seemed funny at some point, but the misshapen, lumpy heads are a bit annoying. There is very little in-game help, so you should look over the brief read-me file before playing.

Despite minor annoyances, as in any good sports game there's a decent learning curve in Sensible Soccer 2006 that makes it enjoyable to improve. You'll appreciate the game more after you can direct your passes and bend your shots effectively. Unfortunately, the demo doesn't allow any customization of the difficulty, so newcomers to the genre may be quickly overwhelmed by the default playing speed.

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