Simplified Civilization/Risk mix

Build a powerful nation and then conquer lesser countries with this turn-based strategy game.

Conquer the world and win cash prizes in this surprisingly addictive (and free) online multiplayer strategy game. War of Conquest's low-res graphics and turn-based action recall the early versions of Civilization. You start with a small territory and try to expand it by conquering neighboring territories or earning points through agriculture. Battles, unfortunately, were disappointing. Too often we saw a vastly more powerful civilization lose to a weaker opponent. The game's graphics and sound are weak points, too. So what's the attraction? In short, money. Capture enough "orbs" on the map, and you can exchange them for real cash prizes. If you're the impatient or affluent type, you also can use real dollars to buy advanced technology for your civilization. War of Conquest probably isn't for casual players, but strategy buffs looking for a real payoff may find it irresistible.
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