Work on your stroke

Improve your swing, fine-tune your putting, and get out of trouble spots right from your screen in this exciting 3D golf game. New features of note include hook and slice control, easy access to your scorecard, and several bug fixes.

Play just the back nine or go for all 36 holes in this decent shareware golf game for Mac OS X. While not on par with console golf games or other retail offerings on the market, any golf addict will like the multiplayer options, physics, and gameplay of GL Golf. The demo lets you play a random sampling of holes from two courses. The graphics are smooth but simple by today's standards, with conelike trees, jagged hills, and repetitive textures. The gameplay and physics are decent, however, leaving you feeling good about your shots and able to experiment with your stroke. This latest version now offers a choice of grass density. A cheesy soundtrack accompanies the action, and while some users may find it quickly grows stale, it's easy to turn off. We understand the shareware limitation, but we would at least like to play nine holes on one of the courses to get a feel for the overall game. In the end, GL Golf remains challenging and makes for a nice distraction, even if it is a simple simulation with somewhat stiff shareware limitations.
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