Just push it

Not all forms and prompts are the same, but most are. PTFBPro helps you automate all those irritating dialogs and Web logins without crimping your work-flow style.

We appreciate how programs use dialog boxes to make sure we really, really want to delete that file or reformat that drive. Even so, most of the time, dialogs are a pain. They're always asking the same questions, getting the same answers. Luckily, there's PTFB (Push The Freakin' Button) Pro, a simple but fiendishly useful little macro program. Tell it which dialogs to watch out for and which buttons to push when they appear. Next time one does, PTFB Pro, well, pushes the freakin' button. PTFB Pro provides several fine-tuning options, including a delay setting for older PCs and slow-responding applications. Advanced users can record and edit sophisticated macros. You can even set PTFB Pro to start or not start macros depending on the hour and the day (though we can hardly think of any application for this feature). All in all, PTFB Pro can save a lot of time and annoyance for people who live on their PCs.
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