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Not all forms and prompts are the same, but most are. PTFBPro helps you automate all those irritating dialogs and Web-logins without crimping your workflow style.

We appreciate how programmers look out for us, popping up dialogs when we're about to do something we might later regret. "Are you really, really sure you want to reformat your C drive?" Even so, most dialogs are a pain. They're always asking the same questions, getting the same answers. Luckily, there's Push the Freakin Button Pro, a simple but fiendishly useful little macro program. Tell it which dialogs to watch out for and which buttons to push when they appear. Next time one does, Push the Freakin' Button, well, pushes the freakin' button. PTFBPro provides several fine-tuning options, including a delay setting for older PCs and slow-responding applications. The utility consumes a surprisingly high 11MB of memory. However, those who live on their computers may well consider the savings in time and annoyance worth the performance hit.
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