Unclutter iTunes

Though iTunes has a built-in utility for weeding out duplicate songs, this program offers a more specific method for doing so. It also rids your library of dead links and tells you which of your tracks have album art.

This program essentially enhances iTunes's built-in tool for finding duplicate songs. At launch, Dupe Eliminator immediately scans your iTunes library and highlights potential duplicates in red. From there, you can easily separate these files from the pack with the press of a button. Alternately, you can use the Autoclean feature to automatically remove duplicates. Dupe Eliminator's main advantage over the iTunes utility is its powerful search tool, which lets you specify criteria such as album, file type, and size. Another plus is its ability to identify dead links in your library. The program performed well in our tests. In addition to its main functionality, it can print out duplicate logs and sync your iPod. A small icon informs you whether or not certain songs already have art associated with them; clicking it displays detailed information about the track. Casual iTunes users probably won't find this program necessary, but the hard-core contingent should give it a look.
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