Back up in the background

Nobody backs up as much as she should--but the creators of Memeo have crafted a backup solution that works silently in the background. The program can back up to a variety of media as well as online storage facilities.

If you put off making backups because they seem like too much hassle, this free utility is for you. Just choose the folders or file types you want Memeo AutoBackup to monitor, and it backs them up, automatically saving new or changed files. It also can save multiple versions of the same file. Memeo isn't picky about where your backups go. A hard drive, a USB device, an FTP server, an iPod, or a Memeo Internet Disk (a for-pay remote storage space) are all OK. If a backup device temporarily goes down, Memeo doesn't complain; it simply waits until the device is back online. Memeo's biggest drawback is its high memory consumption (up to 33MB), even when idle, though the program doesn't appear to take a huge toll on system performance while doing its thing. In sum, if you're a procrastinator, Memeo should be your backup utility of choice.
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