Bounce with me

Leap over rocks, trees, and buses in this arcade motorbike game in the vein of Elasto Mania. Attractive graphics and the addition of a turbo boost are welcome additions to the classic gameplay.

There's nothing terribly new in Motorama, but it interprets the classic motorbike arcade gameplay in an entertaining enough fashion to earn it a four-star rating. For those unaware of the genre, the shareware game Action Supercross (or Across) and its sequel Across 2 (or Elasto Mania) addicted countless gamers worldwide with their unique arcade gameplay. Four directional arrows control a 2D motorbike with an elastic back wheel that must collect items and cross the finish line. The spacebar changes the bike's orientation on the scrolling screen. Though the premise was simple, the learning curve was long and rewarding, and fans created a massive community that continues to produce fantastic levels today.

Eight years after Across, the shareware game Motorama attempts to continue the tradition with improved graphics, more bikes, different riders, and a few new features such as turbo boost and fuel. The trial lets you use two bikes on 11 levels for 60 minutes. Finishing each level will unlock the next, and you can skip up to four. While the backgrounds are much improved from Elasto Mania or Flash interpretations, the courses themselves are still primitive, and sometimes the interface will mark a course locked even when you've completed it. In the end, Motorama is an addictive little coffee-break game that will easily keep you entertained for 30 minutes to an hour. Whether the full version appeals will likely depend on how much you love the genre. A level editor, untimed trial, or more free levels and bikes could have easily pushed the Motorama trial into the upper echelon of game downloads.

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