Firefox to go

Take Firefox and all your personal settings, bookmarks, and plug-ins anywhere with this lightweight version of the popular browser that still packs a punch.

Portable applications seem to be all the rage right now and rightfully so. With them, you can launch your own, customized applications from any computer. Firefox Portable brings that freedom to the Firefox browser.

Firefox Portable lets you take your very own customized version of Firefox with you for use on-the-go. The application launches from any kind of USB file sharing device. We saved the program to our thumbdrive and immediately launched Firefox. From there, we customized it by adding new tools and bookmarks. Using the password manager, we also saved our passwords. When we ejected our thumbdrive and plugged it into a different computer, we were able to launch Firefox, complete with all of our customizations, and browse the Web as usual.

If you keep a lot of bookmarks and passwords, and want to take them wherever you go, this is the freeware tool for you. We highly recommend Firefox Portable for all user levels.

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