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PeaZip Portable is novice-friendly but loaded with enough features to keep power users from getting bored.

Novice-friendly--but with features for the expert--portable, and free; archiving tools rarely cover all those bases, but PeaZip Portable hits a home run. As a portable app, the tool doesn't truly install to your system, but the installation process places it anywhere you like. You can store it as easily to your hard drive as your USB toolbox.

Operating PeaZip Portable is as easy as dragging files. Drop a ZIP file on the interface and PeaZip goes into decompression mode. Drop a regular file and it opens the archiving screen. Well-labeled buttons and simple functions make both processes quick and painless. Adding files and folders is also quickly accomplished using function buttons and traditional file browse tools.

Novice users will be able to use default settings to create well-made archives. Experienced users will like the easily set options. Each well-designed interface includes option tabs that contain simple pull-downs, radio buttons, and text boxes to set compression levels, methods, dictionaries, and even encryption. Most users will find this app one of the most simple to set exactly to their preferences.

Anyone looking for a small and useful portable archiving tool should give PeaZip Portable a test. Most won't continue their search.

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