Super-search your documents

When you need to find specific words littered throughout one document or many, Rider 8 Tools can carve your search down to seconds.

Rider 8 Tools was written by a lawyer with other lawyers in mind, but in truth the well-designed text-searching application is versatile enough for anyone who frequently authors or refers back to long or technical documents--business professionals, academics, researchers, and so on.

The application bundles three search tools into one. ProxFind searches one or more documents for specific words and characters within a number of parameters you set--the proximity to other words; whether you're searching for a whole word, case, or root (wild card); a dates bracket; even part of the file name. ParaFind performs the same service for multiple words; DefFind scrounges for defined terms and their definitions, and can also seek out capitalized phrases that may have slipped your notice.

We appreciate being able to search from recent files or from documents or folders in the file tree. We furthermore like being able to scroll through each finding and view or edit it in the original document. In a welcome addition, Rider 8 Tools now scans and saves text from PDF documents. We'd still like to be able to search Excel documents and see a tutorial showing new users how to get started--your best bet is to begin at the upper left of the interface and work your way clockwise.

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