Torrents by Miro

Download and watch your torrents with BitZip, based on the open-source player Miro.

BitZip is a co-branded version of Miro that focuses on torrent downloading. As such, it runs pretty much the same as Miro and has all the same features as the regular version of Miro. The main difference is that the startup screen has a BitZip-specific logo for searching torrents, and the torrent search option is now located at the top of the left-nav menu above the Miro Guide.

When you enter in the title of a torrent you'd like to search for, BitZip opens up the Web page and searches from there using the Torrent Portal engine. It searches smoothly and the BitZip client manages the torrent download the same as Miro does. It does the job well, and it should appeal to those who want a single program to download and play torrents.

We've found dedicated torrent clients to be slightly more effective in our empirical tests, but for those looking for a torrent-leaning version of Miro, this might appeal to you. Also, not being able to browse torrents from within the app is a hindrance. Overall, though, BitZip doesn't stand out as being substantially different from the program it's based on.

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