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If you're tired of performing menial computer tasks over and over again, WinAutomation can help cure your RSI blues. Create editable macros that perform common computer jobs on your PC.

The utility WinAutomation lets you create automatic system and file processes--or jobs--that can help you alleviate the pain of performing multiple menial tasks like renaming files, sending e-mails, and merging Excel files. The 30-day full-featured trial provides a generous opportunity for users to test-drive the app, create some sample jobs, and see whether WinAutomation can help with your common PC tasks.

WinAutomation includes decent in-program help, as well as additional support information on the publisher's Web site. Getting started will still be the biggest problem for new users, however, and the program could benefit with a more robust tutorial, especially one that includes sample jobs that users can edit and play with. Also, the program would benefit from tooltips or other integrated support that explicitly describe how each possible "action" works.

Once you get the feel of creating new jobs and defining parameters through the drag-and-drop interface of the job editor, it's easy to create basic processes, but there's still a steep learning curve before you'll be able to perform advanced automation tricks. One simple example of how WinAutomation can work--we created a job to track all of the file information about applicant resumes in a WinAutomation data table, then rename those files, and move them to a new folder. We were even able to display that file information in a pop-up window when the job runs.

All in all, WinAutomation is a powerful, well-organized application that advanced users who want to create their own PC macros will appreciate. The trial installed and uninstalled smoothly, with no artifacts left behind. As mentioned, the program requires a bit of a time investment to learn how to use it fully and could some more integrated help features, but those who stick it out will likely be pleased by the software's abilities.

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