Crowdsourced site ratings

Determine a site's safety based on collective user opinion and add your own rating to the mix.

Consisting of a simple icon placed on your Firefox toolbar, WOT offers a drop-down menu displays all the ratings criteria, which are based on a color-coded scale. As you browse, the scale displays ratings based on the overall trustworthiness of the site, if it could be trusted as a business partner, as a keeper for personal info, or if it is safe for children. The ratings are based on the opinions of other users, and on databases of known fraudulent sites. We were able to browse as usual and pull ratings for each site that we browsed from the destination Web site as well as from Yahoo and Google search results. The scale allows you to click and drag a bar to reflect your own experience and opinion of a Web site, then auto-saves the rating. As backup, more information about each rated site can be gleaned online from WOT's reputation scorecards, where users can also comment. WOT for Firefox offers users a little peace of mind while browsing the Web and guidance in unfamiliar territory, though we still caution to use it in conjunction with other surfing safeguards.

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