Clean your computer's clock

Light on tools and options but still a fast and powerful registry cleaner, Advanced Registry Optimizer will keep your computer running like clockwork.

This program, like many others, promises to clean your registry, make your computer run faster and, if you're lucky, do your dishes, too. At least with cleaning your registry, Advanced Registry Optimizer seems to do a pretty good job.

The scan process was easy to initiate and was done in about three minutes, although don't forget that the scan time depends on the computer system. A row of five tabs makes navigating the program options stress-free while the lack of lag on the system was much appreciated. The user interface has quite a bit of white space, which makes options easy to see--but it's done in such a way as to make you feel like there's not much to the app.

This is true, in a way. There's a scheduler and scanning, optimizing, and backup tools, and an exclusion list to prevent certain registry entries from accidentally being altered. For beginning and intermediate users, this should be enough. It won't do household chores, but Advanced Registry Optimizer will clean your computer's clock and keep it ticking.

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