Get Web content without a browser

Using a context menu and "smart" pattern recognition, KallOut delivers Web content to any application, including maps, word definitions, and more.

KallOut's beta shows great potential for being the kind of unobtrusive, time-saving application we love. With two quick clicks, it turns text selections from a variety of Microsoft Office applications into search terms for a wide range of Web sites. In this way, selecting an unfamiliar term can populate a background search from Wikipedia or The New York Times, or find book titles or videos. It could help you quickly map a location or dig up public photos--all without opening a browser. Instead, KallOut delivers Web content to your application in a, well, call-out.

This goes for IE and Firefox browsers as well, where clicking on KallOut can launch a lookup within your tab and save you having to open up a new one. KallOut is so far off to a good start, but we'll keep a close eye on what comes next.

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