Study for exams with an iPhone app that lets you import testing material and create your own.

Cram's study guide for iPhone is a solid app for creating your own quizzes or importing tests from Cram's public library. Entering questions and multiple-choice answers is intuitive from the app interface, but the act of typing so much content is better carried out on Cram's Web site. Importing quizzes was impressively speedy, though it would be nice if the app gave you a search bar for pinpointing public tests by topic. What Cram doesn't tell you, but should, is that you'll need to enter "cram" as both the log-in and password to access those public tests.

We like being able to review content in the test mode, which scores your answers, and in the flash card mode, which lets you stare at a word as long as you need to before checking it against the answer. Cram has the makings of being a great help for those who like to squeeze study time into moments of lull. For the eco-friendly set, the conversion from paper flash cards to digital one might also earn you some nods of approval.

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