Cut long URLs to size

Snip long URLs from your Windows Mobile cell phone with a tiny, free mobile app.

Nobody likes long URLs. They're unsightly and unwieldy. From the mobile phone, they also eat up character limits in SMS messages and Twitter updates. Developer Vince Koser's answer is a freeware app that does for Windows Mobile phones what SnipURL and pals have done for desktop compositions by creating condensed links from long-winded ones. Simply paste the rambling Web address into the top of two fields and select "Convert SnipURL." The resultant link will be saved to the clipboard, saving you that step. Opening the app after copying the long link saves you another by copying the snippet-to-be into the field for you.

We'd like to see the app cut out one more step by creating a one-button app. Instead of tapping or clicking into the Menu to select the conversion option, we'd prefer a button for even more instant gratification. However, it's hard to complain when the developer is handing the tool out for free. Because this widgety app queries, expect a charge if you're without a data plan.

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