Block ads in Safari

Safari AdBlock lives up to its namesake: It blocks ads, for free, in Safari for Mac.

Built on GPL, the open source and free Safari AdBlock was written with help from the folks who created AdBlock Plus, the popular Firefox plug-in. This iteration for Safari is simple and needs no configuration, although there are a few options for users if they want them. Users can choose from blocking ads in a multitude of languages including English, German, French, Ukranian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and more. That's about it for customization.

In our extremely scientific testing, whereby scientific we mean utterly and shamelessly empirical, we checked out a few Web sites with big ads including,, and, and AdBlock successfully killed ads on all three of those sites. Up until now, the best way to block ads in Safari have been pay-for-play options. But for free and open-source goodness, Safari AdBlock is the way to go. Hopefully future versions will have more features, and a few ads did get through in our testing, but by and large this is a very effective ad-blocker.

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