Simple backup to drive or network

IdleBackup works well most of the time for creating a copy of your files, but watch out for stability problems.

IdleBackup works well when it works, and it delivers mostly what it promises, but a spare interface and some stability issues dampened our experience with the application. In essence, IdleBackup creates backup versions of all the files and directories you specify, and it runs when you're not using your machine. You tell it once what you want to backup, where you want to back it up (network path or drive), and when you want backups to run, and you'll never have to think about it again...unless you want to change your backup source and/or destination. That's where IdleBackup's cracks begin to show.

In its favor, IdleBackup is a quick download and easy install. The interface doesn't allow many options, but you can easily enable or disable IdleBackup from running at computer startup with an checkbox. Backup jobs run as scheduled and were fairly quick. There's not much flexibility, however, in managing the directories you back up. For example, you cannot remove sources from your list one by one. There's only a Clear All button. Also, you cannot create new directories in your backup location directly from IdleBackup. You'll have to create them in Windows Explorer and then point to them with IdleBackup. Niggling annoyances such as those, combined with a few error messages and noticeable memory usage result in a middling rating for IdleBackup, but the program surely has potential.

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