Zoom in to the mobile Web

Zoom-in widgets whisk you to Web content fast from your mobile phone.

Going where you want on the Web is easy; getting there from a mobile phone is much harder. Zumobi eases the way with its grid of thumbnail widgets set against a visually rich backdrop. We like that users can zoom in to check news or sports scores, view photos, get recipes, and play games from Windows Mobile phones. Rating tiles, browsing through a gallery, and sending tiles to friends is easy. Zumobi's team has done a lot of work to make navigation more elegant and versatile to users' searching and storing needs, but rendering is not perfect yet and the app doesn't yet grant use over the allotted 16 tiles. Still, the free program offers a credible, legible alternative to browsing for specific content with a great new bonus of creating tiles out of RSS feeds from Zumobi.com.

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