Minimize movie madness

Is keeping track of your mountain of DVDs, videocassettes, and home movies starting to become a full-time job? Put this comprehensive video-management tool to work for you.

Organize your mondo video library with this handy software tool. CATVids helps you create a database of either DVDs, VHS tapes, or those great family-vacation films, so you can sort or keep track of what you have on hand and what you have on loan. At launch the program starts immediately with the program's main window and a detailed help file. CATVids is organized into five views: Explorer, Video, Contents, Loan, and Lookup. Each section can handle a ton of information about a film, such as movie title, cast, and rating, as well as what format the film is in and where you got it. Search options include actor or genre (whether it's a TV movie, animation, or drama). Titles also can simply be listed in alphabetical order. You also can pull information from the Web and download it directly into the CATVids database. With DVDs, the operation is no harder than inserting a DVD and pressing the Scan DVD button. Overall, this program is easy to use for any movie fan who can't see the TV through his or her stacks of DVDs.
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