Your phone's puppetmaster

Manage your mobile contacts, photos, and voice mail messages with ease from an elegant online interface.

Anyone could use a break from squinting at the mobile phone's modest screen, especially if it's to do such tedious tasks as adding multiple contacts, sending text messages, or titling your photos. Dashwire provides ocular respite and more with an elegant solution for visually managing the contacts and media of your Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phone, online.

From the small phone application, you can update your status and autopost it to Twitter and Facebook. You'll also be able to view, send, and title photos and videos, and manually sync the phone with your online account.

From your personal dashboard on, tiles for a number of functions are arranged on a single screen that you can customize by dragging and dropping elements for text messages, photos, ringtones, call history, and speed dial. Almost every action you can take on the phone you can do on a text, share a photo, add a bookmark--and some you wish you could, like get CallWave visual voice mail (in beta) to listen to voice messages in any order.

Technically a beta, Dashwire still has some kinks to work out, but you'll hardly notice the tiny omissions. More likely you'll wish to pad it with more features for managing and loading other types of content onto the phone, like documents, for one.

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