Photo swiper

Find and view online images from your iPhone or iPod Touch with a swipe of your finger or a tilt of the phone.

The gorgeous-looking Cooliris lets you quickly search for images on Google, Flickr, Yahoo, SmugMug, and DeviantArt by swiping through the results with your finger. Taking a tip from the built-in accelerometer, you can also usefully tip your phone to navigate through the photos as they continue to load. You'll be able to zoom into photos and view links without bumping back to Safari, an excellent gesture on Cooliris' part.

If you tire of searching, you can also browse images in news, sports, tech, and business that are selected depending on where you are in the world. Support for videos would make Cooliris for iPhone much more useful, as would being able to save high-quality copies to the iPhone's camera roll. While we hope to see our wish list fulfilled in future versions, this first attempt is off to a good start.

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