Name that tune

Let Shazam name that tune! The free application records song snippets and fetches title, album, and author information.

Hear a song on the radio while you're in the car and are dying to know what it is? Assuming you're not the one behind the wheel, turn on Shazam. The free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that does the hooking and hauling for you. The next time that song plays, hold the iPhone microphone as close to the source as you can and initiate Shazam. After 30 seconds of recording, it will confer with the main Shazam database and, if successful, will return a song title, artist, and album for you.

While Shazam couldn't identify every sound bit we threw at it, and while the electronic ears may be limited in some environments, we were pleased on the whole with Shazam's performance. Especially when the application piles on extra value by offering the title on iTunes or as a YouTube video, by allowing you to associate a photo that you take on-the-fly, and by e-mailing the tag to a friend.

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