Make your PC boot faster with Startup Delayer

A must-have for Windows users, Startup Delayer lets you designate various startup programs to run later so your machine boots faster.

(Credit: Rick Broida)

Tired of waiting an eternity for your computer to boot? Malware could be the culprit, so make sure to run anti-spyware software. But another cause of slow booting is all the software that's trying to run the moment Windows starts. Startup Delayer takes a clever approach to this by letting you delay selected programs.

For example, I need my anti-virus and desktop-search programs to run right away, but Adobe Reader Speed Launcher? iTunesHelper? LightScribe Control Panel? They can wait. Using Startup Delayer, I can configure programs like those to run at, say, 2-minute intervals, starting a full 15 minutes after I've booted my system. Genius!

The program also acts as a startup manager, allowing you to uncheck programs you don't want to run at all. Startup Delayer a free tool, and absolutely essential for anyone with a PC that's slow to start. It's made a huge difference on my system.

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