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Feeling a bit guilty after last week's April Fools' prank, I've got better and less imaginary gifts this week: free software and music picked by the Download.com editors.

If you were fooled by my little April Fools' prank last week, don't feel too bad--so were two of the CNET Download.com software editors! After serving up that heaping helping of fake software, I did feel a bit guilty.

Luckily, I'll make it up to you this week with a much better April delivery: free software and music downloads.

Frequent visitors to Download.com may have noticed the new Free MP3 of the Day promotion that Download.com Music launched in January. The Download.com software editors have recently joined the game as well, offering a daily Featured Freeware selection that's posted live every night to the Download.com blog.

It's only been a little less than a week since the daily Featured Freeware posts began, but we've already asked the tough questions such as "Is Ad-Aware 2007 over the hill?" and "Can Miro replace your other video players?"

The Download.com Music producers have been promoting a daily free MP3 file for a while longer than Download.com software, so they've got even bigger names on their list--Janet Jackson, Galactic, and Flight of the Conchords are a few of the big name acts with free downloads.

What's your favorite free software download? What's the best free music you've ever downloaded? Let us know in the comments.

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