Power Downloader's FTP client is secure and free

When a friend of Power Downloader asks if he knows of a good FTP client, Power knows just where to look. Power also knows his friend will be excited to find out his new FTP client is totally free.

As Power Downloader sifted through an enormous amount of e-mails recently, he ran across one from a friend who wanted some software advice. Apparently, his friend was designing a Web site and had looked around for a free FTP program for transferring files, but had not yet found anything very promising.


A multi-paned interface makes your file transfers a snap

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Firing up his trusty Web browser, Power Downloader immediately began searching for the perfect free FTP client. Accessing Download.com, Power scanned the file lists and quickly came to the app he was looking for: FileZilla. With this powerful open-source FTP client on his computer, Power's friend would be able to transfer files to and from his server with ease. The built-in site manager would make it possible for him to store connection details and log-ins for the Web site, and the Explorer-like interface would make it easy to find files quickly. Always thinking of security, Power Downloader was happy that FileZilla also supported firewalls and proxy connections as well as SSL security. With additional must-have features like a download queue, raw FTP commands, and manual transfers, FileZilla would be the perfect fit his friend's needs. Perhaps best of all, the well-made FileZilla tutorial would help his friend get started immediately.

After sending an e-mail with a link to FileZilla and other important information, Power Downloader began thinking that maybe his own site could use a tune-up. Fortunately, once the design work is done, Power doesn't have to worry about picking an FTP client to get his files online with ease.

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