Top 5 worst downloads of 2007

If you thought that 2007 was dead and buried, think again. The stink may have settled, but the shameful residue still remains. Tom Merritt counts down the Top 5 worst downloads of the past year.

On a regular basis, Mark Sikes and I comb the download catalog looking for the absolute worst downloads for Windows that we can find. We then turn over our findings to Tom Merritt at CNET TV, who turns our selections into a rousingly entertaining video.

The end-of-the-year edition is an especially exhaustive search. We have over 75,000 Windows products live on the site, and thousands more are submitted each week. Mark and I have done the dirty work so you don't have to, and Tom is ready to count them down is his inimitable style.

One semiregular disclaimer: These products aren't actually the absolute worst downloads of 2007, because the most horrible downloads are the sort that we wouldn't allow on the site because they violate our software policies. These downloads are skating a fine line between irrelevance, uselessness, and incompetence...but there are no spyware or pop-up ads involved.

Watch this CNET TV video to see which of 2007's dubious downloads made our coveted worst of the year list.

CNET Top 5
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