First Look: Zagat To Go

Zagat To Go brings reviews and ratings to your phone for the top restaurants in town. See what the app has to offer, and what it can't, in this First Look video.

Now in its fifth version, Zagat To Go, compatible with the PDA and platform in-crowd, gives locomotive users access to Zagat's sprawling database of cleverly amalgamated dining reviews and ratings for the best spots in town for food, service, and decor.

The mobile version of the gastro-household brand makes good use of cell phone technology to deliver maps and directions, though Zagat strangely passes up some low-hanging functionality that forces users to do extra legwork as a result. Watch the First Look video below or read the hands-on review for more detail.

Try Zagat To Go for free:
Zagat To Go for BlackBerry
Zagat To Go for Palm | Zagat To Go for Palm (Mac installer)
Zagat To Go for Windows Mobile 5
Zagat To Go for Windows Mobile 5 smartphones
Zagat To Go for Pocket PC

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