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With so many secret contacts around the world, Power Downloader knows calling and wishing them all a happy holiday would cost a fortune. Fortunately, Power has software which lets him call anywhere in the world for free.

Power Downloader (Credit: CNET Networks)

With the holidays in full swing, Power Downloader knows he'll be making a lot of phone calls to wish family and friends happy holidays. The only problem is that calling all of his contacts in several different countries would end up costing him a fortune. Fortunately, as a software superhero, Power knows ways to contact his friends and family without paying a penny.


The chat client-like interface makes it easy to browse and call contacts

(Credit: CNET Networks)

To get in touch with anyone around the world on Mac or PC, Power Downloader uses Skype. With Skype installed on his and his friends' computers, Power can contact anyone he wants to without paying any charges. Even better, if his friends and family have Webcams, they can video chat to make the holiday call even more personal. With Skype's easy-to-use interface, Power doesn't have to worry that his less computer-savvy friends won't understand the program. Once Skype is launched, making a call is as easy as inputting the number or double-clicking a screen name to get in touch immediately.

Now that he has taken care of his means of holiday communication, Power Downloader has only one thing left to worry about: With Candace Clicks coming to his holiday festivities at the Powerlair, he needs to figure out what to get for her. Frantically searching the pages of CNET, Power hopes he can find the perfect gift.

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