Mac users: VersionTracker Pro 4.5 is here!

Keeping your software and drivers up to date on your Mac is a chore--often you won't know until much later when an update is available for products on your hard drive. Use the latest version of VersionTracker Pro to keep your Mac software up to date.

VersionTracker Pro (Credit: CNET Networks)

I mentioned some weeks ago that our friends from TechTracker are now part of the CNET family. Along with the addition of all their great sites like VersionTracker, MacFixit, and iPhoneAtlas, joining forces means we get to use and develop VersionTracker Pro, the software that keeps your computer's software up to date.

I'm excited to announce VersionTracker Pro 4.5 has recently received a major upgrade. Free to all current subscribers, VersionTracker Pro 4.5 is 100 percent Leopard-ready, automatically installs program updates (even the pesky drag-and-drop varieties), and new users will be able to perform a free scan of their software to search for potential updates. Think of it this way: once you have VersionTracker Pro running on your Mac, you will know immediately when any of your installed programs or drivers need an update without having to do any work!

VersionTracker Pro (Credit: CNET Networks)

As an added incentive, having VersionTracker Pro enables you to know when your favorite Mac tools and mission-critical software become Leopard compatible. So if you were waiting to upgrade to Leopard because of compatibility issues with certain programs, VersionTracker Pro will let you know when your top programs hit that important milestone.

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