Trillian is coming to Mac OS X

Cerulean Studios announced recently they are working on a Mac OS X version of Trillian. An early look at the UI makes me think they are serious about bringing the popular program to Mac fans.

Cerulean Studios announced Friday that Trillian is coming to Mac OS X. The company is quick to point out its previous statement from last year, "We will never port Trillian to Mac OS X," remains true--they remade the Trillian UI from the ground up for Mac fans.

Trillian for Mac

The smooth metal GUI looks perfectly at home running on Mac OS X.

(Credit: CNET Networks)

Trillian for Mac OS X is still a very early version, so we can't list it on just yet. This build will only work for those who have set up their Astra account and contacts list through the Windows version. As a first build, they expect Trillian for Mac OS X to have plenty of bugs. Cerulean is hopeful that brave Mac users will sign up for testing and submit their findings through Bugzilla. One thing is certain: If Cerulean Studios can make their multiservice chat client as strong as the Windows version, developers of Mac programs like Adium and Proteus will be watching this development very closely.

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