Inquisitor makes Web searches easier for Mac

Use this application on Safari for Mac to get more out of your browser's search box.

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Just about everyone gets around the Web using one search engine or another, with most using Google or Yahoo as their preferred search sites. We've come a long way from when sites would display information and we would obediently follow their recommendations on the Web (think AOL). Now we'll think of something (a vacation destination, a person, a product, etc.) and enter it into a search engine to find out more. There have always been search sites, but I really think the concept of the term "Google it" is what transformed our Internet use into what it is today. With most people using a search engine as their home page these days, it's no wonder Google and other search engines are doing so well now.

Several browsers capitalized on search-engine use by adding a search box to the browser's interface. I use the search box in Safari all the time, but today I found a little application that makes Safari's search box even more convenient.


Use Inquisitor to get what you want without sifting through search-engine results pages.

(Credit: CNET Networks)

Inquisitor for Mac OS X adds Spotlight search behavior to your Safari search box. Simply enter your search term and Inquisitor brings up a sleek black list of results and possible search variants to help you find what you want. You can tweak the amount of results you get, change the search engine, or add your own favorite search engines--all from within Safari's preferences pane. It's not a groundbreaking discovery (and some of you may have used this before), but if want added convenience for Web searches, I highly recommend this useful (and free!) program for the Mac.

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