Power Downloader stays organized

With Power Downloader's busy schedule of solving crime, finding software, and keeping in touch with contacts, he needs a good personal info manager to stay on schedule.

Power Downloader (Credit: CNET Networks)

Even with Power Downloader's amazing ability to track down Internet criminals, he's not always the best at staying organized. Between sifting through countless secret documents, maintaining the Power lair, and traversing the globe on the tail of digital desperadoes, Power could quickly lose track if he didn't have help. Fortunately, he also has the ability to find the perfect software for any problem.

To keep track of his many appointments and busy schedule, Power Downloader uses EssentialPIM. With this free personal info manager installed on his desktop and laptop computers, Power can keep track of everything from his busy schedule to appointments with international contacts. The smooth and intuitive interface features daily, monthly, and yearly calendar views so that Power can see what his schedule looks like at a glance. A to-do list makes it easy keep up on daily tasks and he can set reminder notifications so he doesn't forget to check each item off the list. A module for notes lets him jot down his strategy for capturing criminals and even lets him create outlines of his attack plan so no stone is left unturned. A fully functional contact list helps him keep track of international contacts and it features the ability to import contacts directly from Outlook. Finally, and perhaps most importantly in his line of work, Power can password protect EssentialPIM using Rijndael 128-bit encryption in case his computer falls into the wrong hands.

Power Downloader knows that keeping track of all the little details of a busy schedule is never easy--even if you're a software superhero. Fortunately, Power can let EssentialPIM do all the busywork for him, so he can concentrate on what's important: bringing bad guys to justice.

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