How to use security programs right

Learn the best ways to use popular security programs, such as Ad-Aware and AVG Antivirus, in CNET's center for antivirus, firewall, and spyware software.

Trojan horse (Credit: CNET Networks)

If there's one thing that the Black Hat 2007 conference in Las Vegas taught CNET Senior Editor Robert Vamosi, it's that criminals hackers, forgers, and malware chefs are getting more creative in their villainy, not less.

While stocking up on quality security software is an advisable method for keeping your distance from boogie-man code, the antivirus and removal applications are a lot more effective when used correctly. Some programs, such as Hijack This and CCleaner, benefit from deeper instruction; that's where CNET's security center steps in. Here you'll find guides for getting started with security stalwarts such as WinPatrol and ZoneAlarm, as well as cues for avoiding suspicious Web sites and family-proofing your PC.

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