Power Downloader's safe getaway

When Power Downloader goes on vacation he needs to make sure the Power Lair is safe from Internet criminals.

Power Downloader (Credit: CNET Networks)

With the weather getting warmer, Power Downloader decided that it was time to get away from his computer and take a little vacation with his niece, Kitty Kilobyte. Of course, the thing he worries about the most when leaving the Power Lair unattended is some would-be criminal getting in and stealing his top-secret documents.

Power Downloader is especially concerned about certain items on his desktop, which need to remain top secret when he and Kitty Kilobyte go on vacation. His plans for thwarting villains, programs that map secret locations, layouts of evil lairs, or other top-secret stuff could mean disaster if they get into the wrong hands.

When Power needs to lock down areas of his computer from prying eyes, he turns to 1st Security Agent. This jack-of-all-trades security app lets Power secure icons on his desktop, files, programs, system settings, and even basic functions in the taskbar. Fortunately, only Power Downloader and Kitty Kilobyte know the master password, so he knows his documents will be safe while he's away.

Power Downloader can't take any chances when he leaves his secret hideout unattended. With 1st Security Agent running on his computer, Power can keep sneaky thieves from gaining access to classified information.

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