Power Downloader saves the date

When Power Downloader misses a date with Candace Clicks he realizes that he may need a little help from a calendar application.

Power Downloader (Credit: CNET Networks)

Recently, when Power Downloader was deeply immersed in a particular case, he got a phone call from Candace Clicks. She wasn't very happy with Power because he had completely missed their lunch date. After trying to calm the situation and rescheduling for a nice dinner at Candace's favorite restaurant, Power decided that he might need a little help with keeping track of appointments.

Directing his browser to Download.com, Power Downloader did a little research on calendar programs. He quickly came upon the highly rated Active Desktop Calendar. After a quick install process, which included the ability to import contacts and appointments from Microsoft Outlook, Power Downloader brought the program up onto his screen. He found out quickly that Active Desktop Calendar lets him set up appointments (including recurring meetings) and set an alarm to make sure he can get to the appointment on time. The program offers a small calendar that sits neatly on his desktop, which he can conveniently mouse over for appointment descriptions, and a double-click on a Day icon brings up the program's interface. He can also make a task list of to-do items that will sit neatly on the right side of his desktop. As an added bonus, the Active Desktop Calendar Web site offers downloadable sports schedules, country-specific holidays, and world-history dates--in case he wants to add to his personal calendar.

Hopefully a nice dinner will make up for Power Downloader's missed date with Candace Clicks. At least Power knows that in the future, he'll never have to worry about missing important appointments again.

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