Power Downloader takes out the trash

Sometimes even Power Downloader needs to get rid of disastrous downloads. One program he uses makes sure all the files associated with a bad download are gone for good.

Power Downloader (Credit: CNET Networks)

As a software superhero, Power Downloader knows that not all software is the perfect fit. In fact, some programs can be downright disappointments, unworthy of his hard drive. Though he's made his name downloading and installing programs, Power Downloader sometimes needs to get rid of software just like every other user.

Windows comes with an Add/Remove control panel, but anyone who has used it can tell you that it's not always the most efficient tool for removing software. It's often slow to load, produces strange errors when removing certain programs, shows countless Windows updates that you will probably never uninstall, and can leave remnants like registry entries behind to gum up your system.

To make sure programs are completely uninstalled from his hard drive, Power Downloader uses ZSoft Uninstaller. With this program at his disposal, Power Downloader can quickly load his installed programs, filter out Windows patches and other updates, scan a shortened list for bad or old downloads, and use a click of his mouse to remove programs efficiently. To make sure he removes all files associated with a piece of software, Power can use ZSoft Uninstaller's Analyze feature, which finds all the files connected with a particular program. As an added bonus, ZSoft Uninstaller also searches for temporary files, making it easy for Power to clean out leftover Internet remnants that only serve to slow down his system. Whenever Power needs to brush up on the program's features, a useful Help file makes finding information a snap.

Not even Power Downloader's super software downloading skills can always protect him from bad applications. When he needs to get rid of a program and make sure its gone for good, ZSoft Uninstaller is the perfect utility for the job.

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