Pause Android music by putting your hand over your phone

Quickly pause the music on your Android phone by putting your hand over the proximity sensor.


Android smartphones make great personal media players, but because of the lock screen, pausing your music can take a few seconds. EasyMute is an Android app that allows you to quickly pause your music by simply putting your hand over the proximity sensor, even when your phone is locked.

Optionally, you can configure easyMute to lower the volume to a preset level. After installing easyMute, just tap the Enable easyMute button to turn it on.

easyMute for Android (Credit: Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET)

EasyMute works with most Android music players, such as Google Music and even Pandora.

Google Music and Pandora paused by easyMute. (Credit: Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET)

That's it. Keep in mind that, in order for easyMute to work, your phone must have Android 2.1 or higher and a proximity sensor. For the Samsung Galaxy S III, make sure to enable the proximity sensor by going to Settings > Motion.

(Via AddictiveTips)

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