You spin my head right round, right round...

Hexagon throws you in a pixelated endurance run that'll make your head spin.

After only 15 minutes of play, I'm already disoriented and feeling queasy but I'm going back in; Hexagon is both dizzying and addicting.

Developed by Terry Cavanagh (known for VVVVVV), Hexagon throws you in an orbital endurance run where you must guide a triangle around a (you guessed it) hexagon and dodge collapsing obstacles. Sounds simple, right? Try surviving for even 20 seconds on your first couple of tries.

Each stage is separated by 10-second runs and themes itself after a shape. Each level throws faster, more-complex patterns to try and crush your three-sided friend. In addition to collapsing environments, Hexagon adds a confusing twist by rotating your view in sporadic clockwise and counterclockwise directions. It's like playing pixelated labyrinth through a kaleidoscope. Playing in a window was hard enough, but playing full screen admittedly made my stomach churn a bit.

But don't let the merciless description turn you away: Hexagon is plainly designed for casual play. And it is definitely fun. Not only is it extremely simple, but it's got a pulsating soundtrack to complete the experience by the talented Chipzel.

Hexagon is available as a free download, or play it in your browser. Sound off if you can beat my high score of 44:11!

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