TechTracker Plus for Mac: Package deal offer

A new deal for TechTracker Plus gives you a reduced price on the product and throws in a free copy of popular utility MacPilot.

TechTracker Plus (Credit: CNET)

As an editor at, I can't really state an opinion on software made in-house for obvious reasons. But with that said, I can't help but think this latest promotion for TechTracker Plus is a pretty good deal. Starting today, for a limited time, you can get TechTracker Plus for Mac for $19.99 (down from $29.99) and receive a free copy of MacPilot as part of the deal.

MacPilot (usually $19.95) is one of our favorite apps for fiddling around with your Mac, optimizing it to run better and unlocking the hidden potential of OS X and many applications--all without having to use the command line. Everything from changing the boot mode (64-bit or 32-bit) to tweaking the behavior of the Finder and Dock to activating hundreds of "secret features" in many apps, are only some of the functions made easier by using MacPilot.

TechTracker Plus helps keep your software and drivers up-to-date, scanning your hard drive for programs and then matching them up with our database to check for the latest updates.

Like I said, you'll have to act as the reviewer of the improved TechTracker Plus for Mac, but with the addition of a free version of MacPilot and a reduced price all around, it's hard to pass up what I think is a pretty great deal.

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