Exclusive: LinkScanner for Mac

For the first time on the Mac platform, AVG has released LinkScanner, a personal shield against dangerous threats on the Web. This free security app is free and exclusive to CNET Downloads today.

AVG LinkScanner for Mac (Credit: CNET)

With the enormous popularity of Apple's iPhone, more and more people are switching to Mac desktops and laptops to get the full Mac OS X experience. But as the popularity of the platform reaches unprecedented heights, Macs are beginning to be targeted by malicious attacks, often in the form of drive-by Web site attacks. This means that your Mac could download malicious code just by visiting a questionable Web site.

AVG LinkScanner for Mac (exclusive to CNET Downloads today) protects your computer from malicious threats by providing a shield against dangerous Web sites. This free program has no option to upgrade or tries to sell you anything--all AVG LinkScanner does is provide a line of defense against threats that are sure to come with the Mac's growing popularity.

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