Trillian 4.2 beta for Windows keeps chats safe for work

Eager chatters can try out the new beta of the Trillian multinetwork IM app.

Conversationalists using Trillian IM will now have a new version of the multinetwork chat app to try: Trillian 4.2 beta for Windows.

While it's still a minor update by our standards, there are a few interesting additions to this version of Trillian, including a lookup feature that can preview the contents of a hyperlink in the message window when you hover the cursor over it. In addition to saving you time by giving you the gist of the site without drawing your attention to a new browser tab, there's a good chance that previewing a hyperlink could save you some workplace embarrassment for those links that are best viewing in private settings. The preview capabilities go for links generated from link-shortening services like TinyURL and as well.

We found that the preview didn't work for every URL, but we were able to successfully preview many sites, including a Wikipedia article, a Picasa Web album picture, news sites, and Yelp. We've long found the similar feature that looks up common words in Wikipedia annoying enough to turn off in the Preferences, but we'll hang onto the URL preview feature for now.

Back in the buddy list, Trillian 4.2 beta now supports Twitter retweets and Twitter lists. It also lets you sign into Windows Live Messenger (previously MSN) from multiple locations without signing you out anywhere else. Trillian now turns on the green light for sending Windows Live Messenger messages to mobile phones. Trillian's new activity history feature lets you browse sent images. You can read about more feature upgrades in Trillian's blog post, and nitty gritty tweaks in the change log.

To celebrate the release, Trillian-maker Cerulean Studios is also selling Trillian Pro (Trillian, plus extra skins and services) for $10.00 until close-of-business on Thursday, April 22, 2010.

Keep in mind that since this is a beta product, you may encounter bugs and other instabilities if you do download Trillian 4.2 beta for Windows.

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