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Chrome bug kills offline Gmail

A bug in Thursday's update to the development build of Google Chrome crashes the browser whenever Gmail is used in offline mode.

A bug in Thursday's update to the development build of Google Chrome renders it incompatible with Gmail offline. Users who've had Gmail and Chrome configured for offline use will find that Chrome crashes as soon as you log in to Gmail. The problem affects all development versions of the browser.

To disable Gmail offline, go to Gears Settings in Under the Hood and remove all references to Gmail.

(Credit: Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

Right now there are only two ways around the bug. You can disable offline mode in Chrome by going to Options/Under the Hood and clearing out the Gmail-related entries under ''Change Gears settings''. This will delete all offline data from Gmail that you've saved on your computer. If offline Gmail is more important to you than using the dev version of Chrome, you can update the browser to the beta (Windows | Mac | Linux) or stable (Windows only) builds. Windows users can also use the Chrome Channel Changer to switch versions.

You can follow the bug's progress at Google's Chromium project Web site.

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