Only one password to remember

This week's Download Dispatch for Mac includes 1Password, Stellarium, and Multiwinia. Get all the latest Mac software news and updates from the Download Dispatch for Mac.

Whether it's a social-networking site, your banking site, or just a forum, you always have log-in information to remember. Most people start to use the same log-in names and passwords for everything, but clearly this is not a secure practice. Fortunately there are programs that remember your log-in information for you. This week we have the latest update to 1Password, possibly the best in its class for the Mac. Download this app to find out how easy it can be to always be safe and secure with your log-ins while you surf. This version is a maintenance release that fixes some minor bugs.

Also this week, we have Stellarium, a fun and educational software that's like having a planetarium on your desktop. Our game this week is Multiwinia, a fast-paced real-time strategy game in which armies of stick men duke it out in epic battles across a "Tron"-like landscape.

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