AVG Free 9 gives free ID protection

Currently the most popular program on Download.com by a long shot, this First look video of AVG Free 9 shows how it strengthens its security offerings by integrating LinkScanner and adding free ID protection for U.S. users.

AVG Free 9 gives free ID protection

We reviewed the latest version of AVG Free back in October 2009, and found it to be a decent successor to the previous version, 8.5. AVG Free 9 is currently the most popular app on Download.com by a long shot, and this version bolsters its security offerings with the integrated LinkScanner and free identity protection for users in the United States.

Though it's true that in recent third-party testing AVG has been surpassed by several competitors, it remains a viable and effective security option that you're far better off using compared with many lesser-known suites or nothing at all.

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