CNET's hottest software in 2009

We count down the ten most-viewed software titles on CNET from 2009.

The year is beginning to officially draw to a close. And 2009 has been an interesting year in terms of software, crammed with two jackpot operating system releases and some major updates to popular programs. Which software titles won your interest? See for yourself in our slideshow of the 10 most-viewed programs on CNET in 2009.

Most popular software of 2009

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Before you dive in, keep two caveats in mind. First, the list necessarily favors some products released earlier in 2009, which have had more time on to attract a larger number of eyeballs. The same principle applies to titles that have been on top products lists. Still, there may be one or two surprises tucked away to show you what your fellow software-searchers are interested in.

For more software recommendations from CNET, check out our Windows Starter Kit and Security Starter Kit, both of which focus on freeware.

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